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Notes: Catching Up

Bunny Drop V04, Dengeki Daisy V07, and Bleach V62 This is where I stopped. B&N has a Buy 2, Get 1 going on until the middle of January, so I was looking at the print series that I still need to complete. I actually thought I had more, but when I checked the total volumes […]

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Xchg: I’m new here but, I was just wondering why you like Bleach so much. Also, have you checked out the other series of the big 3 (Naruto and One Piece)?

Asked by sabaody-go Hello there! Thanx for hanging out! I’ll get to bleach in a minute. Naruto. I tried it and while I liked the majority of the cast, I couldn’t stand the three main characters. Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura annoyed me. So it was difficult to stick with knowing I’d have to read them […]

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New Arrivals: Bleach and Kuroko no Basuke

A little while back, Hiwa sent Bleach v01 in Spanish and that led me to start collecting Bleach v01 in different languages. Today I received the second contribution to my collection, Bleach v01, in German! Courtesy of Sophie (ylva-li)! Vielen, vielen Dank! If anyone else wants to be my benefactor and help me grow my […]

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Notes: Bleach 572 – 576

I just needed to get it out, so the thoughts aren’t really organized. Beware: Lots of rambling below. I was a little upset that Yachirou got taken out so quickly, her zanpakutou has a lot of potential. And what the … Seriously, Rose and Kensei? I feel cheated. Kira and Hisagi are crying their hearts […]

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New Arrivals: Bleach Volumes 59, 60, and 1 (SPN)

I’ve had these for a while but I never posted them. Well, v01 was posted with the other stuff I got from Hiwa (kisses forever!). I thought I posted v59, but my archive told me otherwise. I took the picture in March—I don’t know what happened. This marks the end of my Bleach pre-orders until […]

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New Arrivals: Bleach – Catching Up

I’m sure I’m not the only one who buys something they’ve been missing for a while and when they bring it home they just step back and stare at it, pull it close and hug it, and then rub their cheek against it. I’m sure I’m not alone… I’ll just keep telling myself that. I’m […]

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