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Various--Purity-The Post - Yaoi Anthology

Various: Purity – The Post-Yaoi Anthology

The print came in November and I got the PDF before that, but I’m only now getting around to reading it. I backed this for Kori Michele’s contribution, an “x years later” for Prince of Cats. It was a little sad, but didn’t end that way. I’m happy I got to read it. I wasn’t […]

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Nijicon 2015 Part 1

The Event Nijicon 2015 was a 2-day event focused on bridging the gap between fans of boy’s love and the LGBTQ community. I think they did very well in following through on that and I’ll give more info about that in Part 2. I vaguely remember hearing something about Nijicon for it’s inaugural convention in 2014, […]

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{Kori Michele} Prince of Cats

Kori Michele: Prince of Cats C01

Knowing that there is a character who can talk to animals-specifically cats–you are going to wonder if anyone else knows that he can. The first time Lee said something to Frank about a cat talking to him, I couldn’t tell Frank’s response was sarcastic or sincere. However, the next time it happened, I understood that […]

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