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{Konohara Narise & Shimizu Yuki} Don't Worry Mama

Notes: Konohara Narise

I believe the first story I read by Konohara Narise was “Dousokai”, a oneshot illustrated by Asou Mitsuaki. At the time, the other things I had read by Asou left me wanting so I don’t think I was in the frame of mind to appreciate it. This is not to say that a later re-reading […]

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[Juné Novels] {Konohara Narise & Saikawa Nanao} Cold Sleep [4.3]

Notes: Cold Series

I was looking at the cover of Cold Fever (novel) by Konohara Narise & Saikawa Nanao and briefly thought that the artwork resembled Asou Mitsuaki’s work. And wouldn’t you know, Asou is doing the work for the manga series. Although some part of me thinks I knew this already. I enjoyed the Cold novel series, […]

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{Konohara Narise & Ootake Tomo} About Love [5.0]

Konohara Narise & Ootake Tomo: About Love

Above Love is such an amazing, romantic tale. Just thinking about the way the characters nurture, fight for, and maintain their bonds… it brings tears to my eyes. Genuine, ruminant, disarming, and melodic; this story will rock you into a beautiful BL dream. Sometimes I love stories so much that I can’t talk about them. I mean I […]

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{Miyamoto Kano} End of Youth-01-hands

Notes: To be Continued…

As a writer, I know every story has an ending. As a reader, I know this as well, but it is my reader’s heart that holds out hope that the story will continue. This hope has caused me to scour the internet for the non-existent next volume, finding nothing but other works by the author—this […]

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