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{Kawai Toko} The Scent of Apple Blossoms V03 [4.9]

Kawai Toko: The Scent of Apple Blossoms V01-V03

Kawai Toko never disappoints me. Shuu’s expression on the cover of volumes 2 and 3 reflect the extent to which he has changed/softened since he began dating Haruna. I enjoyed this a lot. I cracked up and cried; most of the tears happened while reading volume 3. In relationships where there appear to be set […]

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{Kawai Toko} Just Around the Corner [4.5]

Kawai Toko: Just Around the Corner

Have you ever known a love that drowned with both hands folded? That introductory line paints a perfect picture of this story. When you think of drowning, struggling automatically comes to mind. But if someone is sinking with both hands folded, then you have to believe that they’ve either resigned themselves to their fate or […]

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