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{Natsumizu Ritsu} Yamada-kun to Tanaka Kachou

Caught My Eye: Kari, Natsumizu, and More

I love this cover. The detail, the perspective the colors. Even before I knew it was a collection of her original doujinshi, the cover alone told me that her kink flag would be flying high in this. I’ve read all of the previously published included stories, but since I’m not into into bondage, I think […]

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Kari Sumako: These are the Hungry

Beginnings. That’s what comes to mind when I think about her stories, the two that I’ve read anyway. A Truthful Picture and These are the Hungry are great stories about finding your way through a new life experience. Sumako-sensei writes characters that are at once timid and brave, thoughtful and careless, restricted and free. In […]

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Kari Sumako: The Cat in the Box

The description put me off for a bit. I like Kari, but it was reading like pedophilia/shota and I just couldn’t. I realized that it couldn’t be because DMG wouldn’t have licensed it, but I was still concerned. Fortunately someone submitted a review on eManga explicitly stating that it was not shota, thus allaying my […]

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Kari Sumako: A Truthful Picture

The main story in A Truthful Picture is a cohesive and well-paced string of pivotal moments in the life of a boy who, although he realizes that now is what matters most, is struggling with what he sees as the inevitable. The truth is scary, no matter how much you want it. Sumako honestly depicts […]

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