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Konno Kita: Cotton

Natsuki’s sister marries into a family and the groom’s little sister, Michiko-chan, is troublesome. She’s a first-year in high school and has some actual issues, but she also intentionally makes a nuisance or herself and makes people uncomfortable. And she likes to play the victim. After a follow up to a brief encounter, Natsuki’s family […]

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Yoneyama Kyuyu: Free Soul

The narration is by the main character, Chihomi who has fallen crazy in love with the new hire, Satoshi, at the cafe she works at. Even though she’s talking about herself throughout the story, I don’t feel like the story is about her at all. It’s definitely about Satoshi and Chihomi is just a device […]

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Anno Moyoco: In Clothes Called Fat

In Clothes Called Fat tells of a woman’s journey towards happiness. The first line of the book’s synopsis is probably one of the most accurate (without spoiling) I’ve ever read: No one comes out looking good, nearly no one at all… I suppose I expected the story to run its course as it did–fat girl, food […]

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Yoshizumi Wataru: Cappuccino

I dropped this right before the end of the second chapter. I read this a while back, but I never scored it. I couldn’t remember the entire story and considering that I dropped it this time around, I wonder if I actually finished it. I’m sure I first picked this up when I had more patience, […]

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