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Takaku Shouko--I've Seen it All V03-01

New Arrivals: I’ve Seen it All V03

Finally! It’s been forever, really. One less Juné series to worry about being dropped. Now I’ll only have about 10 ongoing series on my “Ongoing” shelf, for print titles, anyway. Perhaps I’ll read the series this week so I can put it on the April monthly list–it’s looking kind of thin.

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{Takaku Shoko} I've Seen it All V02 [4.2]

Takaku Shoko: I’ve Seen it All V01-V02

This was full of hilarious moments. Although I loved the original oneshot that this was developed from and I was excited to know that there would be, not one, but two volumes worth of continuation, I was worried about how such a topic could carry further development. Well, I’m happy to report that it was […]

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bks_Ninth Life Love, Caramel

New Arrivals: Juné & 801 Media BL Manga

I picked up my books from the post office today. Kojima Lalako // Ninth Life Love – The Seven Things I’m Sorry For was great, especially for so few pages, but I wasn’t really wowed by the other things I read by her. They weren’t awful, but they didn’t leave an impression. We’ll see how […]

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