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Santino & Ais--Evenfall V02

Ais & Santino: Evenfall V02

Mexico. The intel regarding the movements of Janus that the Agency received from Thierry Beauvais in volume one seemed to be legit, so our dynamic duo was sent undercover to Monterrey to handle business. Filling out the story was Hsin’s undercover gig in the first phase of the mission–an exercise in our favorite assassin trying to function […]

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Santino & Ais--Evenfall V01

Santino & Ais: Evenfall V01

Evenfall is the first story in the In the Company of Shadows (ICoS) series. The completed series is available to read online (for free), however, the authors have gone back and started revising the story. They say the plot remains the same, but they are tightening everything up. So far they have completed the Director’s […]

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Rhianne Aile & Madeleine Urban--Snowed In

Rhianne Aile & Madeleine Urban: Snowed In

Don’t know how I stumbled onto another three-way so quickly, but here I am. Also, this cover. Mitch (cover boy), Warren, and Kasey are best friends and they’re holed up in a cabin while on vacation. Kasey is tapping away on his laptop when Warren tells him that he needs to chill with the work […]

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Nicola Haken--Counting Daisies

Nicola Haken: Counting Daisies

I don’t have much to say about this story. I was in the Kindle store via the app looking for another story by Garrett Leigh when Nicola Haken’s face popped up in one of the recommended lists. I love everything I’ve read by her, so I abandoned Garrett Leigh and jumped to see if there […]

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Kat Decker--Off the Record - Story 2 - The Overachiever

Kay Decker: Off the Record

Off the Record is a collection of three short stories–“The Internship”, “The Overachiever”, and “After Hours”–featuring journalists and interns. After reading three of her novel-length stories, these didn’t do much for me. They weren’t bad, but I think she does better when her stories have room to breathe. Or perhaps I’m just greedy and only want […]

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Edie Danford--Unraveling Josh

Edie Danford: Unraveling Josh

When Nick McQueen was younger, he had a crush on a guy named Josh Pahlke. Josh was gay and Nick was gay and that mattered, but to each for different reasons. Fast forward to Nick’s undergrad years and the beginning of Josh’s fellowship. Nick saw Josh at a party and approached him, Josh had no […]

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R. Cooper--Checking Out Love

R. Cooper: Checking out Love

Jeremy was hipped to an item in the special collections at a private library and he, a man of endless curiosity, was dying to see it. He’d also heard about the librarian who managed the tomes and artifacts–he was supposed to be a tyrant of sorts, strict and demanding. But Jeremy thought that the book (or books)–the […]

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E.M. Lindsey--Absolution

E.M. Lindsey: Absolution

Alexei was on his way home with take out when a homeless man attempted to mug him. Rather than going to the police, Alexei decided to track down the guy who bailed on the mugging; he found him at a cathedral. As a way to help the guy out, he invited him back to his flat and […]

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Kay Simone--You're the One That I Want-02

Kay Simone: You’re the One That I Want

This was cute and tickled at something I used to think about a lot when I was younger, working and hanging out on South Street (Philadelphia, PA). I haven’t been there in years, so I’m not sure how much it has changed, but my time on South Street was filled with people and lifestyles. I […]

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