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Guilt Pleasure--In These Words MS (f)

New Arrivals: Maybe Someday

It’s not that I dislike Shinohara, it’s just that I like David so much that I almost have no room for anyone else–sometimes, even Katsuya has to fight for my attention. I have to remember to request ones without a signature. I don’t dislike signatures, but I don’t really care about them, so I’d rather […]

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Guilt Pleasure--In These Words BCPT1

New Arrivals: Bad Company Part: 1

This arrived a few days ago after being missent. I’m actually a few books behind on the series because I’ve been waiting for my schedule to clear up enough for me to dive into it from the beginning again. The way things are looking now, that might not be until the end of October. For […]

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Guilt Pleasure--In These Words c10-03

New Arrivals: In These Words C10

The c10 cover is awesome as usual. I can’t wait to dive in! This is funny, I think. These arrived at the Post Office yesterday. What also happened yesterday was that I left work early because I needed to go to Post Office responsible for delivering my mail because they haven’t been delivering things to […]

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New Arrivals: In These Words & Father Figure

In These Words c01-c08 In These Words c01-c04 In These Words c05-c08 New York Minute, First, Do No Harm, Father Figure Cloth bags featuring Shinohara and the Doctor I guess I should mention that I purchased 2 of each of c01-c08. It might even be worth mentioning that the extra set, along with the prequel […]

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Sketched: David Krause

of Guilt | Pleasure’s New York Minute et al. Thanx for joining me in the third installment of The Road to Yaoi-Con series. This week I want to take a quick look at a man named David Krause. David is one of the two leads in Guilt | Pleasure’s In These Words prequel, New York […]

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