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Hamada Kamome: Ohayou to Oyasumi to Sono Ato ni V03

Caught My Eye: Ichikawa, Masao, and More

She favors a very particular kind of intimacy for her covers. The angry faces. I can’t really explain, but they are the best part of the already cool cover. I guess because it’s both of them rather than one (usually the uke) who seems to be annoyed or inconvenienced. I love the look of the […]

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Ichikawa Kei: Blue Sky Complex

This was very cute and, as usual for Ichikawa, the pacing was perfect. The first three chapters were from Narasaki’s (megane) rather matter-of-fact and mellow point of view. You see them go from strangers to something like friends with a few surprise kisses thrown in. Narasaki seems like he’s just along for the ride most […]

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Ichikawa Kei: Colorful Line

It’s been a while since I scored something near-perfect. It’s always troublesome because I feel obligated to talk about it and for one reason or another, I’m not always able to. I really just want ramble on incoherently about it, but I think I owe it to the story to do more than sit here […]

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