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{GuiltPleasure} In These Words v01

Guilt|Pleasure: In These Words V01-V02

I first read In these Words V01 back in June of 2012; I continued on to chapter eight and then stopped. The Redux arc starts with chapter nine, so until now I only had the vaguest of idea of what was truly going on in the story. Last night I read the 2015 edition of […]

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{Guilt Pleasure} Equilibrium-01

New Arrivals: Equilibrium – Side A

Even though I had the opportunity to read the Equilibrium chapters collected in Side A via my Patreon support, I haven’t read them all. I decided to wait for this to really get into it. I’ve never been much into BDSM–actually, I generally make great efforts to steer clear of it–but this story line hasn’t tripped […]

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{Guilt Pleasure} In These Words LBL

New Arrivals: Little by Little

Since my daily start time got pushed back an hour, going to the Post Office after work is not that easy anymore. I have to leave at 425 PM or I’l have no chance of making it. It worked out today. Even though I won’t be able to sink my teeth into this until next […]

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{Guilt Pleasure} THE DOLL Bk1-03

New Arrivals: THE DOLL

I received my copy of Guilt | Pleasure’s THE DOLL and it came with a preview of Persona Non Grata, the second book. I can’t wait to read it. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back to reading my print tiles soon. Or just my regular reading habits in general.

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Guilt Pleasure--In These Words V01-V02-01

New Arrivals: In These Words V01-V02

These books are beautiful and heavy. If you are familiar with their doujinshi/chapter releases, then you already know the quality and feel of the stock these volumes have. Rather than a manga, G|P is referring to the volumes as doujin anthologies. When I consider what I held in my hands today, manga just doesn’t seem […]

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Guilt Pleasure--In These Words MS (f)

New Arrivals: Maybe Someday

It’s not that I dislike Shinohara, it’s just that I like David so much that I almost have no room for anyone else–sometimes, even Katsuya has to fight for my attention. I have to remember to request ones without a signature. I don’t dislike signatures, but I don’t really care about them, so I’d rather […]

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Guilt Pleasure--In These Words BCPT1

New Arrivals: Bad Company Part: 1

This arrived a few days ago after being missent. I’m actually a few books behind on the series because I’ve been waiting for my schedule to clear up enough for me to dive into it from the beginning again. The way things are looking now, that might not be until the end of October. For […]

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