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Yamane Ayano--Finder V01-V07 - [Juné]

Notes: Finder’s Future Looks SuBLime

So, today (or yesterday, by the time this posts), SuBLime announced they were rescuing Finder. It’s a dual licensing–print and digital–and they’ll be releasing volume 8 in March 2017 and then back tracking to volumes 1-7 at a clip of one every other month… I’m not surprised. However, I was a bit surprised at how quickly this announcement […]

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Yamane Ayano: The Finder Series V01-V06

It took me quite some time to start reading this series because I wasn’t impressed with the other titles I read by her. The bl community was collectively falling over itself about this Asami guy and some other guy named Fei Long… How great could it be? Well it was my loss and I was […]

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