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Aida Saki & Yamada Yugi--It's Only Love

Aida Saki & Yamada Yugi: Love Series

It’s Only Love and Tired of Waiting for Love are the beginnings of a sexy series, so sexy. Takatsudo and Sawaragi effortlessly dripped their alpha maleness all over the pages and I just lapped it up. There is a 3rd story, a novel, Snow Petal (Hanabira Yuki), that continues the story of Sawaragi and Shuuya […]

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Shima Asahi: Reset

It’s a shame, because there’s actually a pretty decent story under all of the scribble. There’s LOTS of sex. But rather than it being sexy, it was just messy and exhausting. Just about every page the uke showed up on was attacked with speed lines and all kinds of unnecessary tone. It really is ridiculous […]

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Rokka Sugiura: Fantasy Paradise

There was nothing to grab onto with the title story. It just went on and on and on until it didn’t. The second story, “Lunchtime Lover,” was a little better, but it didn’t get there until the end of the first part. It’s hard to really dig into it because there’s so little there that […]

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est em: Kine In!

est em’s Kine In! was a very satisfying read; from the beginning, it delivered a two-pronged attack on the way I usually experience a book. The four stories that make up this volume require audience participation because she leaves a lot of room for interpretation. In the title story we are introduced to Joe and […]

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Kagurazaka Hanko: Mourning Dinner Party

I bought this and one of Kagurazaka’s other titles just because I liked the way the words in each title sounded together. If they’re literal translations, then awesome, but if it’s the creation of the licensing publisher, then that’s even more awesome (the made up titles are usually awful). Even though I loved the titles, I […]

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Kari Sumako: A Truthful Picture

The main story in A Truthful Picture is a cohesive and well-paced string of pivotal moments in the life of a boy who, although he realizes that now is what matters most, is struggling with what he sees as the inevitable. The truth is scary, no matter how much you want it. Sumako honestly depicts […]

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Chayamachi Suguro: Kaoru Kun

My dreams aren’t any stranger than anyone else’s, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t strange. I know that time will jump, there will be celebrity cameos and that it will end before I’m read for it to. Everything will be tinted sepia or Gap blue, I’ll feel disconnected, and there’s no guarantee that I’ll even […]

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Nogaki Suzume: Silly Gossip

When I first saw the cover of Nogaki Suzume’s Silly Gossip, I said to myself, “I’ll pass.” The drawing style wasn’t to my liking and from what it portrayed–a walking perv and a clueless brat–I could tell that I wasn’t going to like it. Then I was offered the chance to review it. I hesitated […]

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{Kinoshita Keiko} Want to Depend on You [3.1]

Kinoshita Keiko: Want to Depend on You

Going into this, I just knew I was going to have wonderful things to say about this title because I have come to appreciate Kinoshita Keiko as a storyteller and I know Boys Love Bang Bang will always produce quality work. I am somewhat heartbroken to have to report that I was disappointed. BLBangBang certainly […]

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