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Kyouda Kahiro: Curve

It has an interesting enough premise, but the storytelling was a bit clumsy, especially the romantic moments. So, Kyouda Kahiro is the mangaka’s nom de plume which is fine, but when you look up the book on B&N and Amazon, it lists her real name, Tsubota Noriko. Just her real name, no parentheses, no “as,” […]

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Momoyama Naoko: Love in My Heart

This was a cute and quirky collection of stories. But just like most of Momoyama’s work, they leave off at point where you expect more or at least a more tidy conclusion. I prefer longer stories, but I’ll take her type of stories over stories of any length with underdeveloped plots and characters any day.

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Kari Sumako: The Cat in the Box

The description put me off for a bit. I like Kari, but it was reading like pedophilia/shota and I just couldn’t. I realized that it couldn’t be because DMG wouldn’t have licensed it, but I was still concerned. Fortunately someone submitted a review on eManga explicitly stating that it was not shota, thus allaying my […]

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Kusama Sakae: Spirit of First Love

This is a very early work of Kusama’s and you can tell. Originally released in 2004, her rough-hewn, yet graceful style was only roughhewn. Great strides in refinement were made from one year to the next; the evidence of which can be seen in Irome, a title that was published the following year. Story-wise, although […]

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[DMG] {Momoyama Naoko} Love in My Heart [4.2]

New Arrivals: DMG BL Manga

I picked these up the other day. Taumi Mayu: Love and a Sin – I’ve never read anything by her, but I like the cover art and the synopses were interesting. Taumi Mayu: Sumida River Love Suicide – Same. Tanaka Suzuki: Slow Starter – I knew it wasn’t, but I wish this was the Slow Starter by Ichikawa Kei (it’s […]

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[DMG] {Matsumoto Kentaro} Clean a Wound [4.5]

Matsumoto Kentaro: Clean a Wound

When I really like a story, I read it over and over and over. I treat it much the same as I would my new favorite song that’s just on repeat, repeat, repeat. I’m sure I’m not alone in this. However, there are some stories that, though I’d like nothing more than to dive into […]

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Katou Setsuko: The Garden Where the Ivy Plant Grows

I liked the first story and the second one was alright, but I could have done without the third story. The uncle was either not pathetic enough or too pathetic–I can’t call it–for me too care about him. So, since his apathy/hopelessness/ennui/whatever was supposed to be the catalyst for the nephew’s actions, his shenanigans didn’t […]

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Sasaki Ayumi: Moon Centaur

Sasaki Ayumi’s Moon Centaur is a collection of tales of pain, anguish, yearning and fear. I was interested in it because the look of the cover and the artwork reminded me of Souma Jinko’s Kinjirareta Taion and at the time I could not remember the mangaka’s name and thought Moon Centaur might be by her […]

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Tatsuki: If the Wish is Fulfilled

A week ago I had already spent my “yaoi allowance” and was quiet happy with my purchases. Then, along came a tumblr post from Boys Love Bang Bang. Something about it just made me want to dig into my pocket again. AND I’M SO GLAD I DID! I really, really, really enjoyed this and it […]

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