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Random Shelf: Incomplete!

Still unpacking. These are books I somehow inherited or was gifted. I know for sure the Ren & Stimpy one was given to me because my birthday is on the cover and it’s something of an inside joke, but the others, I’m not entirely sure where they came from. They’re all incomplete! Word to the […]

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Here’s a sample of what’s on my desk” Cory McCallum & Matthew Daley: Errol Dynamic #1 Marvel: Stephen King’s N. – I started this way back when it debuted on Adobe Air TV, the first iteration. I couldn’t remember who it was by and trying to search for a comic call “N” was really difficult when […]

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{DC} Suicide Squad 101

Notes: DC 101

As far as DC Comics goes, since way back, I’ve only ever been interested in Batman. I’ve seen at least one of the Christopher Reeve Superman films, but, beyond that, the rest of the universe just never caught on for me. Even still, I have a healthy curiosity for universes, so occasionally I’ll read a […]

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The New 52 – Batman

I’ll be starting this series soon V01 Batman: The Court of Owls – Issues #1-7 V02 Batman: The City of Owls – Issues #8-12, Annual #1 V03 Batman: Death of the Family – Issues #13-17 V04 Batman: Zero Year – Secret City – Issues #0, #21-24, Annual #2 V05 Batman: Zero Year – Dark City – Issues #25-27, #29-33 Issues #18-20 aren’t collected as far […]

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The story was quite compelling; I was taken in by the Joker’s story and his outlook. But I think what sold me on it the most was the Joker’s song. The art and panel layout was hard for me to get comfortable with. I’ve never been a huge fan of color, so it was kind […]

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This is my second comic title since my return with House of M. This time I’m cozying up with DC. This is also the result of zeusaurus turning around and asking me if I wanted to read it. I was never a huge fan of DC, but I do like Batman, so I borrowed it. He claims […]

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