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{Rachel Smith} House Party

Rachel Smith: House Party

It ended up being a pretty decent story about letting go and moving on, but unfortunately what stood out most to me was “bitches,” “slut,” “ho-bags,” “douchebags,” “skank,” and “cray-cray,” I can only think of how out of place some of them seemed; how uncomfortable some of them made me; and how annoyed I was by the rest. But I […]

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{David Hahn} Dayglow #1

First Impressions: David Hahn’s Dayglow #1

A virus is wiping out the planet’s population. A select portion of the population is to be sequestered to be frozen for three years to survive the virus’ run. Javier, 19, gets randomly selected by some big wig at his company to take his place. When they awake, they’re not sure what year it is, […]

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{Antoine Cossé} Harold [3.0]

Antoine Cossé: Harold

The art is nice and if the panels on a few pages were redone, it could tell a different, wordless story–like something that might have aired on a mature version of Pinwheel–but as it is, the actual story is rather dull.

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