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The story was quite compelling; I was taken in by the Joker’s story and his outlook. But I think what sold me on it the most was the Joker’s song. The art and panel layout was hard for me to get comfortable with. I’ve never been a huge fan of color, so it was kind […]

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Andi Watson: Breakfast After Noon

I pulled this off the shelf because I needed to switch genres for a bit before I settled into the last book of a series I’m reading. It’s been about 10 years since I read it last and not much has changed. I still like and I’m still not sure how I feel about the […]

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This is my second comic title since my return with House of M. This time I’m cozying up with DC. This is also the result of zeusaurus turning around and asking me if I wanted to read it. I was never a huge fan of DC, but I do like Batman, so I borrowed it. He claims […]

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{Marvel} House of M-02

Marvel: House of M

I forgot about all the posturing in superhero comics; it is so funny. It took me a few pages to get the reading order straight. After years of reading manga I couldn’t follow the bubbles; at first it was funny, but then it was a headache. Initial reaction after only a few pages. Yes, it can […]

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New Arrivals: House of M

Way back in the days that I can barely remember, I read superhero comics. I was very much into Spider-Man and X-Men. Back then, I also had a habit or sickness that made me feel unsatisfied until I had read everything there was to read for any given universe. With an interest in superhero comics, […]

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Daniel Clowes: Modern Cartoonist: The Naked Truth

An essay by Daniel Clowes. This was originally published in 1997. Many, actually, most of the points he brings up still ring true and a lot of the questions he asks still have no answer. Aside from an increase in amateur and hobbyist comic showcase outlets and more people viewing comics as something worthy of discussion rather […]

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