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Random Shelf: Kissing Chaos, Frayed Ends, and More

The unpacking continues. This is a mix of complete and incomplete, mixed origin comics. I plan to keep all of them, but only if I can complete the incomplete runs. Styx Taxi, Tokyo, London, and Europe are complete, so they’re cool. Kissing Chaos – Nonstop Beauty is done, but I’m missing #3 and #4 from […]

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Random Shelf: Incomplete!

Still unpacking. These are books I somehow inherited or was gifted. I know for sure the Ren & Stimpy one was given to me because my birthday is on the cover and it’s something of an inside joke, but the others, I’m not entirely sure where they came from. They’re all incomplete! Word to the […]

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First Impressions: Molly Brooks’ Sanity & Tallulah – Plucky Teen Girl Space Detectives #1

It does what it reads on the tin. Sanity (red jumper) and Tallulah (yellow jumper) are, in fact, plucky teen girls who–one a bit more than the other–fancy themselves detectives of a sort in the star-spangled, asteroid and refuse-populated bluey-blackness of space. Sanity is the more for-the-benefit-of-science-minded voice of sound reason, while Tallulah is the […]

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First Impressions: John Allison’s Expecting To Fly #1

Shelley’s going through some things and rather than consult with her parents to suggest counselling, her school’s principle asks a student in her class to befriend her because she’s vulnerable. …Okay, I guess. So, Ryan, the student, and Shelley don’t seem to hate each other and she’s seems marginally receptive to his presence so, they […]

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