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Sina Grace: Not My Bag

He’s a brand specialist at a department store and this job that begins with a love for fashion comes to an end in a blaze of stress, unbecoming behavior and paranoia. Throughout his telling of this stop-over period in his life, we learn about his passion for comics and struggles with relationships. But all is […]

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First Impressions: Molly Brooks’ Sanity & Tallulah – Plucky Teen Girl Space Detectives #1

It does what it reads on the tin. Sanity (red jumper) and Tallulah (yellow jumper) are, in fact, plucky teen girls who–one a bit more than the other–fancy themselves detectives of a sort in the star-spangled, asteroid and refuse-populated bluey-blackness of space. Sanity is the more for-the-benefit-of-science-minded voice of sound reason, while Tallulah is the […]

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{Rachel Smith} House Party

Rachel Smith: House Party

It ended up being a pretty decent story about letting go and moving on, but unfortunately what stood out most to me was “bitches,” “slut,” “ho-bags,” “douchebags,” “skank,” and “cray-cray,” I can only think of how out of place some of them seemed; how uncomfortable some of them made me; and how annoyed I was by the rest. But I […]

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