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Mildred Louis--Agents of the Realm V01-01

New Arrivals: Agents of the Realm V01

I haven’t ordered any physical books in a while, so when I get a package I always wonder if I was sleep-shopping and should expect a stream of packages and a dent in my wallet. But this was a great surprise. The last time I thought about this, I honestly couldn’t remember whether I pledged for […]

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Various--The Lovely Osmanthus and Other Stories-01

New Arrivals: The Lovely Osmanthus and Other Stories

From the book: This anthology is based in Southeast Asia. A little corner of the world most made of former colonies and fishing-villages-turned-cities, a rich history mostly overshadowed by East Asia. In this book, we encouraged female-led narratives, hoping to tell the tale of these cultures through the eyes of their daughters. Coaxing half-remembered childhod [sic] […]

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Lina Ngo--Pigeon - A Whispering World-01

New Arrivals: Pigeon – A Whispering World

Lina Ngo–spicybara, an artist on Tumblr who has done a lot of fanart that I like, particularly KHR and Haikyuu!!–released this original comic. Pre-orders went up towards the end of April. It looked so cute, I just had to get it. It’s even prettier in up close. Even though I generally associate spicybara with BL, […]

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Mike Richardson & Stan Sakai: 47 Ronin

I don’t have it in me to be that honorable–not for two and a half years. I would have just found myself a plot of land a worked it or slept on it. Well, I wouldn’t have been a samurai in the first place. I’ve heard of the story, but never experienced any of its […]

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2016 Book Queue

I’m challenging myself to forego rereading a favorite and to instead read something I haven’t read before. This is totally a no-pressure thing for me because I hate obligations, but I think I can do it, so I’m putting it out there. It seems simple enough, but I have so many books that I haven’t […]

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Sina Grace: Not My Bag

He’s a brand specialist at a department store and this job that begins with a love for fashion comes to an end in a blaze of stress, unbecoming behavior and paranoia. Throughout his telling of this stop-over period in his life, we learn about his passion for comics and struggles with relationships. But all is […]

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