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Yuki Ringo--Hatsukoi wa Gunjou ni Tokeru

Yuki Ringo: Hatsukoi wa Gunjou ni Tokeru

Yoshioka, a mystery to his classmates, and Kengo, who’s loved by them all, are both recovering from past trauma. Though they as well as their burdens are completely different, they somehow find a way to bring solace to each other’s lives. There are so many stories where the one guy feels like he has to […]

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Nishida Higashi--Kimi ga Boku no Subete V01

Nishida Higashi: Kimi ga Boku no Subete V01-V02

She really knows how to kill me. I’ve been waiting to read this for almost two years! Even though there was a big “1” on the cover the first time I ran across this title, I didn’t realize there was more than one volume. Nabeshima is jobless and loveless when a friendly and apologetic gesture […]

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{Guilt Pleasure} In These Words LBL

New Arrivals: Little by Little

Since my daily start time got pushed back an hour, going to the Post Office after work is not that easy anymore. I have to leave at 425 PM or I’l have no chance of making it. It worked out today. Even though I won’t be able to sink my teeth into this until next […]

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{Nitta Youka} Embracing Love OV01 [V01-V02] [4.3]

Nitta Youka: Embracing Love OV01 [V01-V02]

This takes me back. It’s been so long since I last read the story, especially the earlier volumes. Things that I had a vague notion of happening in maybe volume 5 0r 6 actually happened in the first two. Some of the aspects of Katou and Iwaki’s personalities are stronger than I remember, while some […]

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{Yoneda Kou} Twittering Birds Never Fly V02-01

New Arrivals: Twittering Birds Never Fly V02

After much delay, it has finally arrived. As much as I love this story, all the waiting just tires me out and I’m never really all that excited when the print comes. I realize that’s also due, in part, to the fact that I’ve already bought and read the ebook. Anyway, now that it’s here, […]

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Hashiba Rin: Come to the Infirmary

I thought about dropping this, but I just ended up skipping the first two or three stories and reading the last three. Of the three, the best story was actually the one lone shoujo that was slipped in. It was about a girl who gets called “ugly” seemingly out of nowhere and is having a […]

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{Ishida Ikue} All the Time [3.5]

Ishida Ikue: All the Time

This was fairly enjoyable even though it was a bit dated. Sentiments about being the “woman” and “we’re doing it–I won’t let you get away this time” aside, I liked how they progressed through their relationship from hometown boys to colleagues to friends to likers to lovers. The transitions between events were kind of abrupt […]

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{Shimizu Yuki} Ze V10-01

New Arrivals: Ze V10

Almost there! One more to go unless they decide to license Kami no Hon. I seriously doubt that, though. Once V11 arrives, I’ll settle down into reading the series from the beginning. I am most excited about finally finding out about Waki–I’ve been wanting to know his story since I first started reading Ze forever […]

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