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Chabouté: Zoé

The ending left me a little dazed. Zoé gets out of jail and leaves the city to live in the house her grandmother left her. The town is aged with a dwindling population, but Zoé seems to like it enough. That is, until she learns the town’s secret. It’s the kind of story that even when you […]

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Callède & Gael Sejourne: L’Appel des Origines

I often get drawn in by book covers and what the featured image might represent–this is generally in lieu of actually reading the synopsis. Good art and an intriguing composition can empty my wallet like magic. This one for the collected books is nice, but it didn’t grab me the way the cover for Book […]

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Zidrou & Jordi Lafebre: Lydie

I remember not liking this the first time I read it, but I enjoyed it this time around. I think it wore on my patience the first time around. The story is about a young woman who seems to have an intellectual disability, her life as a single mother, and the neighborhood that helped her […]

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Notes: Bandes Dessinées

Getting back into them is not as bad as I thought it would be. Though, reading out loud is strange, but I have to hear the words in order to get their meaning. I forgot I used to do that. But I have to, otherwise, it can take me two or three times as long […]

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Jean Dufaux & José-Luis Munuera: Sortilèges

I really shouldn’t have worried about what I was going to encounter with this story. Although I couldn’t remember what it was about, I thought of it for nearly three years, so that has to mean something. It was great. I’ve forgotten how intriguingly matter-of-fact bandes dessinées can be. Sortilèges, Sorcery in English, is the story […]

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