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Various--Samurai Artbook 2.0-01

New Arrivals: Samurai 2.0

Though this collection features quite a few, I’m not really into beast-like men. But they’re not all beasts. There’re a whole lot of beauties as well. Len-Yan; new artist for me to keep an eye on. Even factoring the creepiness, I really like their work. Creepy and beastly things aside, the first collection was stunning […]

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Yamashita Tomoko--10 [tén] 2006-2016 Illustrations-x01-001

New Arrivals: 10 [tén] 2006-2016 Illustrations

I’ve been anticipating the arrival of this book for a while and I’m happy it’s finally here! It is so beautiful! Her art struck me from the first time I saw it. I think it’s interesting in general–she has such a way with facial expressions and body language–but I was really taken by how unconventional […]

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Random Shelf: Dali

Unpacking the living room; starting with the books (and DVDs). After unpacking and sorting, I won’t have many books left; getting rid of a bunch. I still have to organize them. I really want new shelves. Photo books are heavy. Yes, Dalí is my fave. My nickname for him is Weekend.

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{Fukinsei} Asymmetry [Haikyuu!! KuroTsukki]

New Arrivals: Asymmetry

While this is not the first fanwork I’ve purchased, it is the first for a fandom I’m actually in. The other work is an Ace Attorney Mafia AU fancomic called Divina by New Shoe–it was really good. I thought I’d post the cover and my favorite illustration, but the cover is my favorite, so there […]

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Itoshi & Lehanan Aida--Orochi no Kishi-09

New Arrivals: Sadao & Mouse Print

An 8×10 of Sadao & Mouse from Itoshi and Lehanan Aida’s Orochi no Kishi. I’ve taken a sufficient vacation from the novel, so now I think I can return to it with a renewed sense of wonder and finish my write up on Sadao (and read the rest of the story). I mean, it’s only been three […]

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