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Various--Dirty Diamonds 5-01

Caught My Eye: Dirty Diamonds

Dirty Diamonds is an all-girl comic anthology that I’ve never heard of until now. Yet, they’re already accepting submissions for issue #7. My friend came into work a few minutes ago, dumped them on my desk, and before I could say anything, went back to his and immediately IMs me, “CAIN”. I respond, “SAM”, but […]

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Various--The Lovely Osmanthus and Other Stories-01

New Arrivals: The Lovely Osmanthus and Other Stories

From the book: This anthology is based in Southeast Asia. A little corner of the world most made of former colonies and fishing-villages-turned-cities, a rich history mostly overshadowed by East Asia. In this book, we encouraged female-led narratives, hoping to tell the tale of these cultures through the eyes of their daughters. Coaxing half-remembered childhod [sic] […]

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Various--Purity-The Post - Yaoi Anthology

Various: Purity – The Post-Yaoi Anthology

The print came in November and I got the PDF before that, but I’m only now getting around to reading it. I backed this for Kori Michele’s contribution, an “x years later” for Prince of Cats. It was a little sad, but didn’t end that way. I’m happy I got to read it. I wasn’t […]

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{Various} Purity - The Post-Yaoi Anthology-01

New Arrivals: Purity – The Post-Yaoi Anthology

I backed this on Kickstarter mostly because I wanted Kori Michele’s story, but I’m looking forward to being introduced to some new (to me) creators. I knew before I bought this that there were some things in it that I’m just not into–tentacles, among other things–but with anthologies, you take the good with the bad or […]

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{Various} YaoiCon 2015 Anthology-01

New Arrivals: YaoiCon 2015 Anthology

For once, shipping was reasonable on Akadot: $2.72. Was there an anthology in 2013? Although it looks better in black, I like the YaoiCon logo. EDIT: I was asked to share the table of contents and some info about the anthology. I haven’t read it yet, most because it’s not digital, so I can say […]

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