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G.L. Tomas--The Unforgettables

2016: In Reading

At the end of 2015, I lost eight years worth of BL manga files. It was like a freak accident. One minute they were there and the next, gone. I was able to re-download all of my Juné and Sublime titles and my eBookJapan titles weren’t affected, of course, but all of my indie comics and […]

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A. J. J. Bourque--That One Kid Who Freaked Out, or Whatever

A. J. J. Bourque: That One Kid Who Freaked Out, or Whatever

This book was an experience. I want everyone to read it. This started out as a running running commentary, but ended up being part review, part reflection. It’s all been edited to tidy up talk-to-text weirdness, curb spoilers, and add punctuation; however, even with the curbing of spoilers, this might be best enjoyed after reading the story […]

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