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{Aida Saki & Takashina Yuu} Deadlock V01 [4.7]

Aida Saki & Takashina Yuu: Deadlock V01

I have been waiting for this forever. I have been waiting for this even before it was a thing. I wanted to read Aida Saki and Takashina Yuu’s Deadlock novel series, but I knew the chances of it getting licensed in English were pretty low, so I hoped for a manga adaptation. Of course there […]

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Aida Saki & Yamada Yugi--It's Only Love

Aida Saki & Yamada Yugi: Love Series

It’s Only Love and Tired of Waiting for Love are the beginnings of a sexy series, so sexy. Takatsudo and Sawaragi effortlessly dripped their alpha maleness all over the pages and I just lapped it up. There is a 3rd story, a novel, Snow Petal (Hanabira Yuki), that continues the story of Sawaragi and Shuuya […]

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[Juné Novels] {Aida Saki & Nara Chiharu} S V01 [5.0]

Aida Saki & Nara Chiharu: S

This was initially supposed to be a series of reviews, but I only managed to complete a review for V01. Story S is about Shiiba Masaki, a detective in the Counter-Organized-Crime Division of Shinjuku’s Metropolitan Police, and his relationship with his organized-crime informant, known to those privileged enough to know simply as “S.” A detective’s […]

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