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Shimizu Yuki--Ze V11-01

New Arrivals: Ze V11

The end. Now I’m going to go back to the beginning and read it straight through. I don’t think I’ve gotten past volume five. I usually get stuck re-reading volume three because of Genma and Himi. But I think it was when I got volume six that I decided to wait for the series to complete. […]

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{Shimizu Yuki} Ze V10-01

New Arrivals: Ze V10

Almost there! One more to go unless they decide to license Kami no Hon. I seriously doubt that, though. Once V11 arrives, I’ll settle down into reading the series from the beginning. I am most excited about finally finding out about Waki–I’ve been wanting to know his story since I first started reading Ze forever […]

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bks_Ninth Life Love, Caramel

New Arrivals: Juné & 801 Media BL Manga

I picked up my books from the post office today. Kojima Lalako // Ninth Life Love – The Seven Things I’m Sorry For was great, especially for so few pages, but I wasn’t really wowed by the other things I read by her. They weren’t awful, but they didn’t leave an impression. We’ll see how […]

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Ogasawara Uki: Black Sun Doreiou

In two volumes, Ogasawara Uki’s Black Sun Doreiou tells the story of how Commander Leonard de Limbourg comes to completely surrender himself to his enemy, General Jamal Jan. The story is set in the Middle East amidst an enduring battle for the Holy Land. This is usually where I stop. I just have very little […]

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{Kawai Toko} Just Around the Corner [4.5]

Kawai Toko: Just Around the Corner

Have you ever known a love that drowned with both hands folded? That introductory line paints a perfect picture of this story. When you think of drowning, struggling automatically comes to mind. But if someone is sinking with both hands folded, then you have to believe that they’ve either resigned themselves to their fate or […]

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Guilt Pleasure--In These Words NYM (f)

New Arrivals: In These Words & New York Minute

In These Words V01; In Those Words; In These Words C02 post card; New York Minute; In These Words notepads My Guilt|Pleasure goodies have been sitting at the post office for some time now. First I forgot about the delivery (so ashamed), and then I didn’t have time to pick it up. I’m so glad […]

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