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Notes: Bandes Dessinées

Getting back into them is not as bad as I thought it would be. Though, reading out loud is strange, but I have to hear the words in order to get their meaning. I forgot I used to do that. But I have to, otherwise, it can take me two or three times as long […]

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Marvel: Big Hero 6 #4

This issue is like an info dump and feels like I’m listening to sports commentators call the plays while slipping in side commentary as they are wont to do. The fight’s progression was terrible and the end just kind of happened. And now aliens? So disappointing. At least I still like Fred. Probably the best cover, […]

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Reader’s Profile

I want to get to know the reader in you! konhiwatarikyouyama, randomwordstogether, moromi, ylva-li, is-cru, requierobl, itanda, gaviotaperdida, mywitfailsme, xjustine-o, zmeyulia, amethewombat, azuleren, superb-moon, unspark, tachixneko, nemubits Also, anyone else who’d like to talk to me about books is more than welcome. Take all the time you need. Thanx! Did you start learning to read […]

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Yamashita Tomoko: Don’t Cry, Girl

Don’t Cry, Girl is a laugh-a-minute story about 17-year old Taeko who has been ousted from her parents’ home and sent to live with her dad’s friend, Masuda. Quite literally from the door the hilarity begins. She arrives at his place and he greets her while wearing nothing but a welcoming expression. As any normal […]

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