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Morimoto Shuu--Jinjuu Houretsuden V04 [3.5]

Morimoto Shuu: Jinjuu Houretsuden V04

Did Tuo Ren seriously catch a falling boulder to keep it from landing on Li Fang? That’s just crazy! He was straining a bit, but honestly, between gravity, momentum, and coordination, the odds were really stacked against success. I like Li Fang. In the beginning he was a bit too cheerful for my taste, but […]

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Karakara Kemuri: Donten ni Warau V04

I want to say I knew it, but I didn’t–I just wanted it to be so very, very, very, badly. And if it happened, then I knew that something else, something specific, something equally as heartbreaking as my desire was wonderful would happen. And it did. I was already close to crying just looking at […]

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Karakara Kemuri: Donten ni Warau V03

I’m now halfway through and it looks like my will is failing in the face of more heartbreak. So many things. Soramaru is torn between not wanting to trouble his brother anymore than he already is and wanting to take strides (dangerous ones) towards surpassing him. So he infiltrates the jail, but he’s not good […]

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Karakara Kemuri: Donten ni Warau V01

The first story in this volume is about three brothers who are tasked with making sure that criminals make it to the prison on the lake. Set during the Meiji era, all things bushidou are on their way out and western influence is making its way in. The Kumou brothers, Tenka, the oldest who has a tragic […]

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{Kori Michele} Prince of Cats

Kori Michele: Prince of Cats C01

Knowing that there is a character who can talk to animals-specifically cats–you are going to wonder if anyone else knows that he can. The first time Lee said something to Frank about a cat talking to him, I couldn’t tell Frank’s response was sarcastic or sincere. However, the next time it happened, I understood that […]

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Morimoto Shuu--Jinjuu Houretsuden V03 [3.5]

Morimoto Shuu: Jinjuu Houretsuden V03

Now it’s getting into the origins of the rebellion and prophecy. Shen Wu, the rebel that killed Na Sha’s partner, had a chance to kill Na Sha, but restored some of her energy instead and basically told her–while she was unconscious–that she didn’t know who her real enemy was. So, are we talking about a […]

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Morimoto Shuu--Jinjuu Houretsuden V02 [3.7]

Morimoto Shuu: Jinjuu Houretsuden V02

This volume reveals just a bit more about their powers. Nothing definitive, in my opinion, but it has brought a few things to mind. I was right about Li Fang’s inherited power! Although it isn’t precisely what I was thinking, but it’s close enough. Then there’s Na Sha, whose incantation invokes her mastery over cloth. […]

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