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Megan Erikson & Santino Hassell--Cyberlove Book 2 - Fast Connection

Megan Erickson & Santino Hassell: Fast Connection

Fast Connection is the second installment in Megan Erickson and Santino Hassell’s Cyberlove series. Theme aside, this book connects with the first, Strong Signal, by way of Dominic Costigan, Garrett Reid’s “tour homo”. Dominic is all for exploring his newly realized bisexuality, so he turns to Grindr and with a quick and dirty tutorial from […]

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Aimee Nicole Walker--Fated Hearts Book 1 - Chasing Mr. Wright

Aimee Nicole Walker: Fated Hearts Series

Running commentary, spoilers, and complaints ahead. The first three were originally posted on my running commentary Tumblr. Chasing Mr. Wright (Book 1) Rundown: Grayson has been with the same guy for the last ten years and it stopped being fun a while ago. Chase is guarded from past hurts and does everything he can to […]

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Karakara Kemuri: Donten ni Warau V06

I am charmed by the Yamainu under Sousei’s leadership. They are quite resilient. Takamine has returned and Ashiya’s face mask is explained. Seeing Sousei smile is strange, but it’s like he’s giddy with purpose and determination. I melt everytime I see Botan and Hirari. I need more of them! Takeda is so cute with his crush on […]

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Morimoto Shuu--Jinjuu Houretsuden V05 [3.8]

Morimoto Shuu: Jinjuu Houretsuden V05

Now the Emperor is stepping up his I love you game. What’s going on in Hu Lei’s head? He acts like he hasn’t been traveling with Li Fang for days. Did he forget that Li Fang is generally lighthearted, but that no one should ever mistake that for being carefree? Why would he approach Li […]

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