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{Natsume Isaku} False Memories V01 [4.0]

Natsume Isaku: False Memories V01-V02

Volumes 1 and 2 of False Memories includes two related stories. The first and main story which takes up all of volume 1 and half of volume 2 is about Nakano and Tsuda who, after 10 years, are reunited as a result of a partnership between their toy making and toy design companies, respectively. Tsuda […]

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Whitney Bishop [shukyou/ladysisyphus]: Bodies in Space

Bodies in Space is a novella-length story about Isaac, a young man whose cognitive abilities place him somewhere on the autism spectrum, and his relationship with his friend Rick, a videographer whom he’s known since childhood. Isaac lives a semi-independent life in a living space above his parents’ garage, he attends life skills class and […]

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Yoneyama Kyuyu: Free Soul

The narration is by the main character, Chihomi who has fallen crazy in love with the new hire, Satoshi, at the cafe she works at. Even though she’s talking about herself throughout the story, I don’t feel like the story is about her at all. It’s definitely about Satoshi and Chihomi is just a device […]

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dee Juusan: Grey is… V01

In the seven chapters that I read, I found out how White (the guy dressed in black) and Black (the guy dressed in white) met, some of the things Black’s been up to since then, some of the things that’s happened to and around Black before and since then, but not very much about White. […]

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Sakuragi Yaya: Hide and Seek V01-V03

I had a lot of fun reading this series. There were a lot of great story development moments. My favorite in volume 1 was when Tanihara, being the playful and somewhat capricious guy that he is, tries to rattle the Doc by taking him out of his element and much to his disappointment, the Doc […]

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{Elephant Wendigo} Outwards [3.0]

Elephant Wendigo: Outwards

A bunch of exiles run across a man passed out in the desert. They take him back to their camp and treat him. The man has a telltale tattoo on his face that marks him as a murderer, but only the leader seems to know its significance. They need a worker and he needs not […]

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Natsume Isaku: Ginger Honey

The good news is that I loved this. It was funny and cute and Mineru is adorable and Seto is hot 80% of the time and good looking the other 20. And that was good for my heart. Also, I got to check in on Sensei and Yoshino who were just as lovey dovey as […]

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Darren Aronofsky, Ari Handel, & Niko Henrichon: Noah

I really loved the art, especially the skies. This story, of course, is set in a time pre-machinery, producing structures of earth, wood and stone–the lands were strewn with ruins and refuse that were toppled, petrified, and scorched, but all together it resemble the carcasses of forgotten factory towns. A graveyard of naked framing cracked […]

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Callède & Gael Sejourne: L’Appel des Origines

I often get drawn in by book covers and what the featured image might represent–this is generally in lieu of actually reading the synopsis. Good art and an intriguing composition can empty my wallet like magic. This one for the collected books is nice, but it didn’t grab me the way the cover for Book […]

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