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Random Shelf: Kissing Chaos, Frayed Ends, and More

The unpacking continues. This is a mix of complete and incomplete, mixed origin comics. I plan to keep all of them, but only if I can complete the incomplete runs. Styx Taxi, Tokyo, London, and Europe are complete, so they’re cool. Kissing Chaos – Nonstop Beauty is done, but I’m missing #3 and #4 from […]

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Random Shelf: Incomplete!

Still unpacking. These are books I somehow inherited or was gifted. I know for sure the Ren & Stimpy one was given to me because my birthday is on the cover and it’s something of an inside joke, but the others, I’m not entirely sure where they came from. They’re all incomplete! Word to the […]

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Random Shelf: Dali

Unpacking the living room; starting with the books (and DVDs). After unpacking and sorting, I won’t have many books left; getting rid of a bunch. I still have to organize them. I really want new shelves. Photo books are heavy. Yes, Dalí is my fave. My nickname for him is Weekend.

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Random Shelf: Mizushiro, Ogawa, and More

Eiki Eiki: Millennium Prime Minister – I didn’t think I was going to like this one, but I bought it because I’m fan of Eiki & Co. It was really good and the BL follow up, Yuigon was good, too. Kotegawa Yua: Anne Freaks – I can’t remember what it’s about. My sister rec’d it to me some years […]

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Random Shelf: Kawahara and Tsuda

I’m sitting next to my completed shoujo series bookshelf. I love being surrounded by books. I’d show you guys the rest of the bookshelf, but I’d have to get up to do that and I’m really comfortable right now. Tsuda Masami: Kare Kano – I’d have lots of shoujo babies with this series if I […]

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