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Prezzies: Boys and Biscuits

This is more of me feeling awful and grateful. One of the best and worst parts of the friendships that I’ve grown into–thanx to BL–is the distance. Some of my friends live in a different country and some of those countries are on an entirely different continent. With distance comes difference. Different time zones, different […]

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Prezzies: Kiyoshi Teppei [Kuroko no Basuke]

When I was younger, I used to get, with the exception of the live ones, every form of frog and turtle you could imagine. I would also get books and gift cards to bookstores, rocks, stones, and various geological paraphernalia, and Muppet related things. And I was ecstatic about all of it because those were […]

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Prezzies: Kyouraku & Ukitake [Bleach]

Jess is a good friend and Jess is also my Bleach soul mate. This is what she sent to me for my birthday. That was January/February, but I forgot where I saved the pics. We have a blog, bleachbythegallon, where we talk about our favorite Bleach moments. It’s what actually set the precedent for fujoshibookclub […]

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New Arrivals: Bleach and Kuroko no Basuke

A little while back, Hiwa sent Bleach v01 in Spanish and that led me to start collecting Bleach v01 in different languages. Today I received the second contribution to my collection, Bleach v01, in German! Courtesy of Sophie (ylva-li)! Vielen, vielen Dank! If anyone else wants to be my benefactor and help me grow my […]

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