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Guilt Pleasure--In These Words BCPT2-01

New Arrivals: Bad Company Part: 2

This came so quickly! It usually takes at least four days, but it only took two! So, the cover is not only glossy, but the title and the black panel on the back has a rough texture. It feels so good. And it’s such a nice touch, especially since the story’s gettin’ real gritty. When […]

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Various--The Lovely Osmanthus and Other Stories-01

New Arrivals: The Lovely Osmanthus and Other Stories

From the book: This anthology is based in Southeast Asia. A little corner of the world most made of former colonies and fishing-villages-turned-cities, a rich history mostly overshadowed by East Asia. In this book, we encouraged female-led narratives, hoping to tell the tale of these cultures through the eyes of their daughters. Coaxing half-remembered childhod [sic] […]

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Lina Ngo--Pigeon - A Whispering World-01

New Arrivals: Pigeon – A Whispering World

Lina Ngo–spicybara, an artist on Tumblr who has done a lot of fanart that I like, particularly KHR and Haikyuu!!–released this original comic. Pre-orders went up towards the end of April. It looked so cute, I just had to get it. It’s even prettier in up close. Even though I generally associate spicybara with BL, […]

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Yamashita Tomoko--10 [tén] 2006-2016 Illustrations-x01-001

New Arrivals: 10 [tén] 2006-2016 Illustrations

I’ve been anticipating the arrival of this book for a while and I’m happy it’s finally here! It is so beautiful! Her art struck me from the first time I saw it. I think it’s interesting in general–she has such a way with facial expressions and body language–but I was really taken by how unconventional […]

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Takaku Shouko--I've Seen it All V03-01

New Arrivals: I’ve Seen it All V03

Finally! It’s been forever, really. One less Juné series to worry about being dropped. Now I’ll only have about 10 ongoing series on my “Ongoing” shelf, for print titles, anyway. Perhaps I’ll read the series this week so I can put it on the April monthly list–it’s looking kind of thin.

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Yoneda Kou--Even So, I Will Love You Tenderly-01

New Arrivals: Even So, I Will Love You Tenderly

It’s only been forever. Juné says that they don’t sell directly to Amazon, which, in and of itself, is not strange, but that they seem to have so little control over what happens to their books is. Both Amazon and B&N informed me that the publisher is the one that sets release dates. There’s a […]

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Guilt Pleasure--In These Words c14-01

New Arrivals: In These Words C14

By the cover I can tell that things are starting to come full circle. I finally caught up, sort of. I (re)read all of the prequels (except Father Figure and Bad Company Part: 1) and read up to volume two. So, I still have c12-c14 and Little by Little. I’m going to leave those for […]

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