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New Arrivals: Orochi no Kishi (Reprint + New Cover)

New cover featuring Mouse with Sadao and Tagata in the background. I love this cover. When they first changed artists–Lehanan Aida did the cover and interior illustrations for the first edition Then Aldaria was brought on to do the illos for the second edition–I thought it was going to take some time for me to […]

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Mildred Louis--Agents of the Realm V01-01

New Arrivals: Agents of the Realm V01

I haven’t ordered any physical books in a while, so when I get a package I always wonder if I was sleep-shopping and should expect a stream of packages and a dent in my wallet. But this was a great surprise. The last time I thought about this, I honestly couldn’t remember whether I pledged for […]

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Hidaka Shoko--Does the Flower Blossom V02-01

New Arrivals: Does the Flower Blossom? V02

Right before I started this post, I checked my email and saw that DTFB V03  was now in stock on Akadot. Amazon’s release date is January 10, 2017. That’s insane. I just got V02 (let’s not talk about about how I pre-ordered this back in November of 2014). Anyway. I’m happy I finally got it. […]

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Shimizu Yuki--Ze V11-01

New Arrivals: Ze V11

The end. Now I’m going to go back to the beginning and read it straight through. I don’t think I’ve gotten past volume five. I usually get stuck re-reading volume three because of Genma and Himi. But I think it was when I got volume six that I decided to wait for the series to complete. […]

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Various--Samurai Artbook 2.0-01

New Arrivals: Samurai 2.0

Though this collection features quite a few, I’m not really into beast-like men. But they’re not all beasts. There’re a whole lot of beauties as well. Len-Yan; new artist for me to keep an eye on. Even factoring the creepiness, I really like their work. Creepy and beastly things aside, the first collection was stunning […]

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