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{Yamashita Tomoko} Bara no Hitomi wa Bakudan-01

Storytelling: Yamashita Tomoko

I’ve always wanted to read a story in which the main couple worked really hard to get together, finally did, and ended with the happiest of endings, but in the next volume or continuation, they’re no longer together, dating other people or trying to. This ever after volume would not be about them finding their […]

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{Asou Mitsuaki} Tear Drop-03

Storytelling: Asou Mitsuaki

When I first started reading Asou, the stories just didn’t catch me, but recently… Recently I’ve been re-reading them and wondering how I missed it. The stories are very quiet, so much so that I get this feeling that the characters are in a post-apocalyptic world and there isn’t much going on outside of their […]

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Storytelling: Ogasawara Uki

After I read Ogasawara Uki’s Black Sun Doreiou, I was really looking forward to getting to know her work better. There was a hint of it in Black Sun, but the more of her work I read, the more I confirmed it: she is just chock full of ideas. And who isn’t? But most people, […]

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{Kinoshita Keiko} Don't Cry Baby-02

Storytelling: Kinoshita Keiko

Her stories sometimes have a “today is just another day” kind of feeling and because of that it seems that her characters can take longer to develop. In my opinion, this is probably why her multi-volume stories tend to be better than the single volumes or oneshot collections. It isn’t always that way. For example, […]

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Storytelling: Kaiya Tatsumi

Diet BL. I bought Boys Love Bang Bang’s first DMG title, Kaiya Tatsumi’s Healing Music, more as a way of supporting the team’s work than for the title itself. As expected of BLBB, Healing Music was well done. For me, it was definitely one of the better titles I’ve read by this mangaka. I liked […]

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{Fujiyama Hyouta} Junjou-c

Storytelling: Fujiyama Hyouta

While the plot devices that are used in her stories are nothing new in BL and you can generally guess what the outcome will be, Fujiyama Hyouta’s stories are still a departure from the usual fare. Unlike a lot of BL, her stories often pull you along at a pace that may appear unnecessarily slow […]

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