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TT Kove--More Than Words Book 1

Storytelling: TT Kove

TT Kove’s writing style is very simple–though not in the same way that I said of Aimee Nicole Walker–and it took a bit for me to get used to. However, once I did, I realized that its simplicity allows for the direct yet soft-spoken tone of her words to paint these quietly complex pictures of […]

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Garrett Leigh--Misfits

Storytelling: Garrett Leigh

After working out what it was I liked about Nicola Haken, I realized that it was pretty  much the same for Garrett Leigh. Because she’s very good at guiding you along the course of things. The how of things. How these people are ruined and how they put themselves back together and maybe fall apart […]

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Nicola Haken-Broken

Storytelling: Nicola Haken

Counting Daisies, The Making of Matt, and, my favorite, Broken, are a few of the titles I’ve read by Nicola Haken. She’s good for exposing both sides of a story, going into the emotions and the suffering and she’s really good at conveying how broken some people are and how they don’t always get to […]

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{Ogawa Chise} Caste Heaven-02

Storytelling: Ogawa Chise Pt. 2

Ogawa Chise is dangerous and I love it. How can she write things that I am against and intrigue me with them? Usually, with BL, you can be certain that whatever horrors fall upon the uke at the hands of the seme, they will be washed away with an unearned and unbelievable happy ending. However, […]

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{Kotobuki Tarako} Concrete Garden-02

Storytelling: Kotobuki Tarako

I often find myself at a loss for words when I want to express my thoughts regarding Kotobuki’s work. It’s usually so engaging that even after I’m finished, I’m still in that world, just marveling at all that has taken place, all that has been said, and how she leaves so little to be read […]

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Storytelling: Kagurazaka Hanko

Kagurazaka’s stories are very interesting. Reading them feels a lot like watching a detective show that isn’t so much about catching the bad guy, but more about tracing his steps leading up to the crime. That is to say, they’re more about what’s happening in each scene than what happens at the end. I like […]

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{Kitakami Ren} Signal Red Baby-01

Storytelling: Kitakami Ren

I’ve been trying to find the right way to describe her dialogue. With the slight exception of Honenuki ni Saretai, I always feel like I’m reading a stage play, Regency Period; even her doujinshi feel that way to me. I love it. Although I love the anime, I was never interested in the FMA fandom, […]

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Ame Nochi Hare Vol02 JP

Storytelling: Bikke

I started reading Bikke’s Ame Nochi Hare. I just set myself up for frustration. It’s ongoing at 7 volumes with only 3 complete volumes available. Of course it had to be good and kept my attention, so that I finished volumes 1-3 with in 2 days. Of course. I can count on one hand the number […]

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{Sagawa Miku} Kataomoi to Room Share-05

Storytelling: Sagawa Miku

It’s official. I adore Sagawa Miku. Reading her works makes me so happy and gushy and giddy. And wrapped up in all of the sweetness are some great moments. It’s interesting how she sort of dangles some of the BL clichés about for the sake of acknowledging them, but just sweeps right on by them […]

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{Ogawa Chise} Ouji no Hakoniwa-03

Storytelling: Ogawa Chise

I have some secondary thoughts regarding Ogawa Chise. She is fond of the possessive, controlling seme. She put quite the spin on it in Kono Ore ga Omae Nanka Suki na Wakenai (2012), so that it registered but didn’t set off any alarms. I like the possessive, controlling seme, but there’s a line that’s easily […]

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