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Hideyoshico: Nennen Saisai

The main story was good–quiet and sad–but I spent a lot of time laughing at one of the character’s names. The first time he himself said it, I thought, “well, 200 years is plenty enough time to memorize that.” Though I already read the bookending one shots, I read it from cover to cover for […]

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Momoyama Naoko: Love in My Heart

This was a cute and quirky collection of stories. But just like most of Momoyama’s work, they leave off at point where you expect more or at least a more tidy conclusion. I prefer longer stories, but I’ll take her type of stories over stories of any length with underdeveloped plots and characters any day.

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Orochi no Kishi-Mouse-01

Sketched: Mouse

of Itoshi, Lehanan Aida, & Aldaria’s Orochi no Kishi, et al. This was originally Pt.2 of the full review. I wanted to get into the story and the main characters, at least through the first 280 pages or so, but this includes some spoilers. I usually try not to include any, but some of the […]

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Sketched: David Krause

of Guilt | Pleasure’s New York Minute et al. Thanx for joining me in the third installment of The Road to Yaoi-Con series. This week I want to take a quick look at a man named David Krause. David is one of the two leads in Guilt | Pleasure’s In These Words prequel, New York […]

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Sketched: Yashiro

of Yoneda Kou’s Don’t Stay Gold, et al. He bleeds. Yashiro is a multi-faceted character of the highest order. He is a primary and side character in three of Yoneda Kou-sensei’s titles. A very complex character that’s worth a few hundred words, at least. I believe that he is twisted, however, I also believe that […]

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