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Drawing the Hard Line: Santino Hassell

In Shelved: March 2018, I briefly mentioned that one of my faves was at the center of some drama I was reluctant to go anywhere near, let alone write about it. But… I finally looked further into the Santino Hassell drama and, well, [insert profanity]. I don’t know if I’m not– surprised is the wrong […]

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random shelf 20180101-02

Happy 2018!

I have not posted on this blog since the beginning of May. Most of my activities, what little there was in the way of reviews and such, were shared on Instagram (new books), Tumblr (running commentaries), and GoodReads (actual reviews). According to GoodReads, I read 196 books in 2017. This is the first time I’ve […]

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TT Kove--More Than Words Book 1

Storytelling: TT Kove

TT Kove’s writing style is very simple–though not in the same way that I said of Aimee Nicole Walker–and it took a bit for me to get used to. However, once I did, I realized that its simplicity allows for the direct yet soft-spoken tone of her words to paint these quietly complex pictures of […]

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Garrett Leigh--Misfits

Storytelling: Garrett Leigh

After working out what it was I liked about Nicola Haken, I realized that it was pretty  much the same for Garrett Leigh. Because she’s very good at guiding you along the course of things. The how of things. How these people are ruined and how they put themselves back together and maybe fall apart […]

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Nicola Haken-Broken

Storytelling: Nicola Haken

Counting Daisies, The Making of Matt, and, my favorite, Broken, are a few of the titles I’ve read by Nicola Haken. She’s good for exposing both sides of a story, going into the emotions and the suffering and she’s really good at conveying how broken some people are and how they don’t always get to […]

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What Now?

Labels Up until I was about 25, I moved every three years. Kindergarten through 12th grade saw me at six different schools, including three high schools. During my first few years of uni, I changed my major every semester. I’ve had a long list of interests that I was really into and I’ve worked in […]

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Yamane Ayano--Finder V01-V07 - [Juné]

Notes: Finder’s Future Looks SuBLime

So, today (or yesterday, by the time this posts), SuBLime announced they were rescuing Finder. It’s a dual licensing–print and digital–and they’ll be releasing volume 8 in March 2017 and then back tracking to volumes 1-7 at a clip of one every other month… I’m not surprised. However, I was a bit surprised at how quickly this announcement […]

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Various--Dirty Diamonds 5-01

Caught My Eye: Dirty Diamonds

Dirty Diamonds is an all-girl comic anthology that I’ve never heard of until now. Yet, they’re already accepting submissions for issue #7. My friend came into work a few minutes ago, dumped them on my desk, and before I could say anything, went back to his and immediately IMs me, “CAIN”. I respond, “SAM”, but […]

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Kurosawa Shii: Ani to wa Koinaka Nandesu ga

Caught My Eye: Kurosawa Shii

This caught my eye because it looked like an older Abe Akane cover, but not one I’ve ever seen and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen all of her covers. The taller guy, in particular. His stance–that slight shift of the center of gravity, hand in the in the pocket, the outfit, his hair, the hand […]

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Kadokawa Corporation logo

Notes: Kadokawa + Hachette Book Group = More BL for North America?

Maybe. Maybe not. Hachette Book Group and KADOKAWA Corporation announced today that they have entered into an agreement to create a new venture, joining HBG’s Yen Press imprint, a leader in the US publication of Japanese manga and light novels, with KADOKAWA, a major Japanese publisher. KADOKAWA will hold majority ownership, with 51% of the […]

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