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{Guilt Pleasure} Equilibrium-01

New Arrivals: Equilibrium – Side A

Even though I had the opportunity to read the Equilibrium chapters collected in Side A via my Patreon support, I haven’t read them all. I decided to wait for this to really get into it. I’ve never been much into BDSM–actually, I generally make great efforts to steer clear of it–but this story line hasn’t tripped […]

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Yamashita Tomoko--Talk Book-01

New Arrivals: Talk Book

Although I can’t read this without help or headache, I was determined to get it. I didn’t want it to be out of print by the time I could read it with ease. I bought this back when her 10th anniversary was announced. Now I’m just waiting for the illustration collection (which still has no […]

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{Various} Purity - The Post-Yaoi Anthology-01

New Arrivals: Purity – The Post-Yaoi Anthology

I backed this on Kickstarter mostly because I wanted Kori Michele’s story, but I’m looking forward to being introduced to some new (to me) creators. I knew before I bought this that there were some things in it that I’m just not into–tentacles, among other things–but with anthologies, you take the good with the bad or […]

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{Various} YaoiCon 2015 Anthology-01

New Arrivals: YaoiCon 2015 Anthology

For once, shipping was reasonable on Akadot: $2.72. Was there an anthology in 2013? Although it looks better in black, I like the YaoiCon logo. EDIT: I was asked to share the table of contents and some info about the anthology. I haven’t read it yet, most because it’s not digital, so I can say […]

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{Fukinsei} Asymmetry [Haikyuu!! KuroTsukki]

New Arrivals: Asymmetry

While this is not the first fanwork I’ve purchased, it is the first for a fandom I’m actually in. The other work is an Ace Attorney Mafia AU fancomic called Divina by New Shoe–it was really good. I thought I’d post the cover and my favorite illustration, but the cover is my favorite, so there […]

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