48-Hour Giveaway: 801 2016


Happy 801! This year hasn’t seen much in the way of traditional BL on my plate, but I’ve been knee deep in it for a decade, give or take a year, and I love it still. It has opened doors to many things, like other genres, favorite authors and illustrators, and great friends and followers. And regardless of this year’s drought, I don’t see myself leaving it behind anytime soon. But it’s not like I’ve been doing nothing with the time that would have usually been devoted to BL manga–I’ve been exploring some of the stories related to and inspired by (according to this fujoshi) Japan’s most important export and having a blast to boot!

This year, like some before, I’m celebrating 801 with a giveaway. Since this my first 801 on this new blog, I’d like to celebrate by giving you guys a chance to try something new (or new to you). Two fortunate souls will each get to choose one of the titles pictured below. Just leave a comment telling me about your first BL ____ and how you feel about it now. Your first fave, first kink, first purchase, first whatever you please, just tell me about in the comment section below.

Giveaway ends Wednesday, August 3, 2016 at 9:00 am EST (-4 UTC)

{GuiltPleasure} In These Words v01

Velvet Toucher--Lost in the Snow V01

{Itoshi & Aldaria} The Hourglass

{Alex Woolfson & Winona Nelson} Artifice

Jen Lee Quick--Off Beat V01

Hazel & Bell--Always Raining Here V01

Malin Ryden & Emma Vieceli--BREAKS Prologue-a

Suzana Harcum & Owen White--Tripping Over You V01

Lucid--Avialae C01

Winners will be announced here, Twitter, and Tumblr at some time on Wednesday, August 3, 2016.

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