48-Hour Giveaway: Humble Bundle Pride Month Selections – 20 Titles!


Welcome to the first giveaway on my new internet home! Kicking off what could become a monthly habit is Humble Bundle’s 20-title bundle in support of Pride Month.

I’d seen several posts for this on Tumblr and I was interested, but I put it on my list to check out in a few days. Then, a post by Alex Woolfson informed me of his awesome comic, Artifice, being available in the bundle, so I was all over it. I have it in print because I bought it at Nijicon, but I actually wanted it in digital so that I could read it more often–that’s how I fall deeper in love with stories.

I was delighted to also see Hagio Moto’s The Heart of Thomas (another title I’d prefer to go digital with) and Massive: Gay Erotic Manga and the Men Who Make It. I support the gay manga genre, but for personal reasons and things I’d rather forget, I’m not into it, so I never bought Massive even though it seems very interesting and has been out for a while, but now I’ve got it. Hopefully the perspective can overwrite my bias. And then there’s Nalo Hopkinson’s Falling In Love With Hominids. I’ve seen her works around, but I first became aware of her when I interviewed a friend a while back. Those are what I’m most excited about, but the other titles in the bundle are equally interesting.

Well, now that I’ve got even more reads to fall into, I may go M.I.A., but, with this giveaway, maybe some of you will join me. In the meantime, here are the deets:

WHO: GREIGHISH/BLNOKIMI (Twitter, Tumblr, and blog) followers
WHAT: The Humble Bundle Pride Month selections (20 digital titles; 3 winners – Twitter + blog [1 bundle]; Tumblr/greighish [1 bundle]; Tumblr/blnokimi [1 bundle])
WHEN: Friday, June 17th (12:00 am -4 UTC) – Saturday, June 18th (11:59 pm -4 UTC). Winners will be announced Sunday, June 19th
WHERE: Humble Bundle
WHY: Spreading the love and showing support!
HOW: Check out the link and then reply to the tweet/Tumblr post that brought you here or leave a comment on this post with a word or two about which titles you’re most interested in.

  • Please don’t double or triple dip–chose only one place to comment/reply.

Best wishes!


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