New Arrivals: Samurai 2.0

Various--Samurai Artbook 2.0-01

Though this collection features quite a few, I’m not really into beast-like men.

Various--Samurai Artbook 2.0-03

But they’re not all beasts. There’re a whole lot of beauties as well.

Various--Samurai Artbook 2.0-04

Len-Yan; new artist for me to keep an eye on. Even factoring the creepiness, I really like their work.

Various--Samurai Artbook 2.0-05

Creepy and beastly things aside, the first collection was stunning and Aldaria’s a featured artist in this one, so it was pretty much a given that I’d get it. SirWendigo’s back as well–though that’s no surprise–and it wouldn’t be their work without shaved sides.

Various--Samurai Artbook 2.0-02

And yes, that’s two copies, so if you’ve followed me for BL, then I’m sure you know what’s coming.

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