New Arrivals: Bad Company Part: 2

Guilt Pleasure--In These Words BCPT2-01

This came so quickly! It usually takes at least four days, but it only took two! So, the cover is not only glossy, but the title and the black panel on the back has a rough texture. It feels so good. And it’s such a nice touch, especially since the story’s gettin’ real gritty.

Guilt Pleasure--In These Words BCPT2-02

When I first opened the envelope, the post card didn’t come out and I was sad because, even though I like the extras, it’s all just “stuff” that I file away and never look at again.

Guilt Pleasure--In These Words SWAG Postcard - BCPT2

But this is one that I really, truly wanted. It’s funny because it nearly crosses a line for me: I don’t do tentacles, but it’s just a snake, so it’s like, tentacle, singular. I can handle that.

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