New Arrivals: The Lovely Osmanthus and Other Stories

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From the book:

This anthology is based in Southeast Asia. A little corner of the world most made of former colonies and fishing-villages-turned-cities, a rich history mostly overshadowed by East Asia. In this book, we encouraged female-led narratives, hoping to tell the tale of these cultures through the eyes of their daughters. Coaxing half-remembered childhod [sic] tales into a comic, building it up and breathing life and colour into them. It took work, but the process was great fun.

The colors are gorgeous! This caught my eye in a post by vythefirst on, where else? Tumblr. Total impulse buy, but then again, not. Comic anthologies are everywhere and they seem to trigger my buy impulse, but other cultures sharing their culture is something I’ve always been down for, so a win-win for all, meaning me.

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