Shelved: March 2016

GuiltPleasure--THE DOLLGuilt|Pleasure: The Doll – G|P has gotten me to read and invest my heart and time into two things, I usually steer clear of: Human/Android-type relations and BDSM. I swear it’s some kind of sorcery.

Vincent is a bounty hunter whose current job has him tracking down a Doll–an android-type creation that is hard to distinguish from an actual human–who answers to Kai. Someone made off with him and his owner will do anything to get him back. Seems like a routine job to Vincent until he learns more about Kai’s origins. I really enjoyed this. The Inner workings of the company that created Kai and the aftermath of Vincent changing the terms of his contract are all very interesting. And while I don’t really get how Vincent fell for Kai, their interactions and Vincent’s maneuverings after that fact is established are worth every page turned. I am looking forward to the continuation.

GuiltPleasure--Persona non GrataGuilt|Pleasure: Persona non Grata – This is a preview of the continuation of The Doll. Now I’m worried and afraid, but still looking forward to the rest. It’s available chapter by chapter in G|P’s subscription zine, but I prefer to read completed volumes.

Blayre Delecour--Fellfire SummerBlayre Delecour: Fellfire Summer – For reasons I won’t get into, I did not want to like this, but good is good and this was great! Post-war societies, political intrigue, fantasy elements, distinct cultures, slow burn romance, and engaging dialogue. This was definitely a page turner. I also read the two related short stories, Stormfront and Beachead which did a wonderful job of giving the couple some closure. There is a continuation due featuring a minor character from this story and I am sure to be all over it.

EAB--The Straight LineEAB: The Straight Line – It was not to my liking.

EAB--AdonisEAB: Adonis – Although this was better than The Straight Line, it was still not my cup of tea. However, when I consider both stories, failings aside, I’m led to believe that I am not his intended audience, and, as such, my opinion of the work carries little weight.

Feng Nong & Wang Yi--The Ravishing of the Crown Prince V02Feng Nong & Wang Yi: The Ravishing of the Crown Prince V02 – It’s been forever! And, for the most part it was worth the wait. My only gripe is that it was so short! Ren Ting and the Prince are just so! The wait for the next one, however long it is, will seem twice as long with the way this volume ended. People are being killed, secrets are being revealed, and unexpected things are being said… I need more!

Yoneda Kou--Even So, I Will Love You TenderlyYoneda Kou – Even So, I Will Love You Tenderly

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