2016 Book Queue: BL Print

For various reasons, I haven’t read my print titles for a long time, but that hasn’t stopped me from collecting them. However, recently, I’ve found the time, space, and motivation to get back into them. So, along with my other reading list, here’s what I’ll be getting into for the foreseeable future–in no particular order.

  • Guilt|Pleasure – In These Words (restart and catch up + prequels and side stories)
  • Guilt|Pleasure – The DOLL
  • Guilt|Pleasure – Cruel to be Kind (restart and finish – I’m 99% sure I read it, but I never wrote about it so I may have never finished it–that happens on occasion for no reason at all)
  • Guilt|Pleasure – The Bride (reread – I’m 100% sure I read this, but I never wrote about it)
  • EAB – The Straight Line (courtesy of Yaoi Revolution)
  • EAB – Adonis  (courtesy of Yaoi Revolution)
  • E.K. Weaver – The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal (restart and finish)
  • Emily Cheeseman & Lindsey Rodgers – Sonnet
  • Yamane Ayano – Finder V07
  • Nakamura Shungiku – The World’s Greatest First Love V01-V03(technically a reread)
  • Amei Zhao – Nameless and the Scientist V01
  • Shimizu Yuki – Ze (restart and finish – of course, this all depends on Juné actually releasing V11… then I can move on to Kami no Hon)
  • Alex Woolfson, Adam Dekraker, & Veronica Gandini – The Young Protectors – Engaging the Enemy
  • Fujiyama Hyouta – Tale of the Waning Moon (restart and finish)
  • Itoshi, Lehanan Aida, and Aldaria – Orochi no Kishi (I definitely read this–I couldn’t shut up about it for a while–but this is mostly to see if they fixed the errors from the first printing)
  • Hidaka Shoko – Blue Morning (restart and catch up)
  • Kano Shiuko – Kiss All the Boys
  • Hajin Yoo – Totally Captivated – Totally Peeking Under the Sheets(restart and finish – I should probably be ashamed that I’ve had these so long and still haven’t finished them, but I’m not)
  • Yoo Hajin – Totally Captivated – Diary of Sangchul (I may end up rereading the main series as a lead in)
  • YaoiCon 2015 Anthology
  • Purity – The Post-Yaoi Anthology

In preparation for tackling my backlog of print titles, I have to go to Staples to buy post-it flags. Staples is dangerous, but better there than Target. If I go to target, I’ll come out with bed linens, tortilla chips, some baking sheets, a cake pan, socks, and, if I remember, post-it flags.

If nothing else, I should be able to make some headway on my BL Reading Bingo card.

I’ll be updating this with links to any reviews I write.

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