Prezzies: Boys and Biscuits

Tünde_20160109_103928This is more of me feeling awful and grateful. One of the best and worst parts of the friendships that I’ve grown into–thanx to BL–is the distance. Some of my friends live in a different country and some of those countries are on an entirely different continent. With distance comes difference. Different time zones, different foods, different languages, different music, and different customs. I feel especially blessed to have friends who make an effort to share their lives and culture with me. I can look things up on the internet anytime, but short of experiencing things first hand, nothing beats having someone who lives it handpick things to enrich my life.

Tünde once told me that it makes her happy that I liked her posts related to her Hungarian culture. It was weird because I didn’t think it was such a big deal, but I was wrong. Though, when I thought about it, it’s definitely a big deal when someone appreciates something you put out there that you feel represents you in some way. So, I’m glad that a gesture of my natural curiosity meant so much to her. And I am reminded that the loss of my BL collection is nothing in the face of the kindred spirits it has led me to. I feel like things have happened this past week to keep shoving that fact in my face and I’m so happy I could conclude my week on such a high note with reminders from my friends that I matter to them.

On to the gifts! I got a pocky-like treat (I’ve always thought of the chocolate covered biscuits/cookies like these as Yan Yan for the lazy, that’s not meant to be disparaging), a plank of what looks like a dark chocolate rose strewn path (can I eat something so pretty?), a book of one minute stories (!!!!), and a mixed tape featuring various types of Hungarian music (including folk!). On top of those I got two of my favorite guys! My heart of hearts, Kiyoshi Teppei, and a napping Yamazaki Sousuke! To be perfectly honest, I was happy with everything, but slightly disappointed when I saw the box that Sou came in. Haru is featured so prominently that, for a moment, I thought I would find Haru on the inside. It was strange to me how perfect everything else was and then I get Haru. Tünde, I’m so sorry for doubting you for even a moment!

But wait there’s more! I also got such a lovely letter. Not only was I thanked for my (two years! of) friendship (such mentions always bring tears to my eyes), she did a wonderful job of highlighting each song on the CD. She’s worried that the CD might not play; I’ll have to pause the Hamilton soundtrack for a while to check it out. Even if it doesn’t, reading those brief descriptions and her personal comments about the songs just made me feel something I don’t have the words for! And, if nothing else, a least “the last mixed tape I ever received” won’t be one that reads “Got any Irish in you?” on Side A and “Want some?” on Side B.

Tünde, I, too, wish that our friendship can continue forever. I’ll be eternally grateful for the half naked guys that brought you to me!

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