New Arrivals: Nijicon 2015 Edition

{Nijicon 2015} Loot

So, not exactly new…Nijicon was a month ago.

For the Taking

{Nijocon 2015} Swag-01 [Nijicon 2015]

This is a combination of what I collected from the SWAG table and what came in the SWAG bag. Anyone want The Merman: Transformation? I’m not into mer-anything.

Across the Rainbow is Dreamspinner’s yearly YA anthology…I think. Well, I’m certain the nice folks at the Dreamspinner gave it to me, at least. I may read it, but does anyone want it?


More postcard-sized prints is what I need (well, prefer); they’re easier to keep. EK asked if I’d like them signed on the back and even though autographs are whatever to me, since she asked, I said accepted the offer. 
The Starfighter print came free with the purchase of Starfighter: Eclipse. I think, as a courtesy, artists should ask whether or not you want unsigned artwork signed before signing it as a matter of course. I have no idea when I will get around to playing the game. 


My first purchase at the con. Sexy extras for Kori Michele’s Prince of Cats.
 I haven’t even read the webcomic, but the phrases “con-exclusive” and “con-only” seem to compel me.

Alex Woolfson

{Alex Woolfson} Artifice and The Young Protectors [Nijicon 2015]

The bookmarks–which I will use in good health–came free with the purchase of both titles. Artifice was great. I’ll be getting into The Young Protectors some weekend soon.


{Itoshi & Aldaria} The Hourglass [Nijicon 2015]

I was going to wait for the digital because my digital titles get read more often and I don’t like A4 books–I don’t like large books. They are not really comfortable to read. However, being at the con, seeing the book in front of me, I could not resist. I have come not to mind that at all.

{Itoshi & Aldaria} Orochi no Kishi [Nijicon 2015]

I really have no need for large prints. I don’t hang things on my walls, so they are kind of a waste of money, but… it’s Sadao and that’s really enough, but it’s also Aldaria, so I really had no choice. Would you just look at him…

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