Caught My Eye & Other Things

So, I started writing this in May… stuff happened and yada yada.

Caught My Eye


Ikebe Aoi – Princess Maison

I don’t know anything about the story, but I love, love, love the cover. It reminds me of my BFF.


Ishizuka Shinichi – Blue Giant v06

I don’t even know how I came across this, but all of the covers of this seinen series are pretty moody.


Nakamura Hikaru – Saint Young Men. V11

I saw a teeny tiny version of this image and just liked the composition and color, which is interesting because I’m not all that fond of red. Then, when I searched for a larger version, I noticed it was this series. I haven’t read or watched it, but I’m familiar with it.


Hanazawa Kengo – I Am a Hero V17

This image was pretty arresting. I love how the basket makes it clear that although the color and detail of the figures stand out against the background, they are not meant to be just in front of a simple backdrop, but in that space.


Ooei Yukio – Kengai V01

I like the art style and I love the perspective. It gives you the feeling that you are walking up the stairs approaching her.

Other Things

◘ These sorts of things make me happy. There’s more to life than prestige.

◘ I have decided to shut down my book club blogs. I had a lot of fun and I really appreciate the people who read along with me. I had a hard time admitting to myself that I wasn’t going to be able to keep them up and that delayed my decision. I just don’t have the mental wherewithal to tend to them the way I want to–I can’t give them 100% right now. I’ve already informed my fellow readers and most of them have gotten back to me expressing their understanding and I really appreciate it. I mean, I have an immense fondness for them and I would have been really sad if my decision soured things between us, but they were really great about it.

◘ I want to say that I won’t buy anymore books until I read all the ones I have, but that is just a waste of a lie. There’s so much I want to read. Holding onto the book clubs kind of paralyzed me. Even though reading for the club and reading simply to enjoy are different reading experiences that don’t necessarily have to interfere with each other, I felt guilty about starting any long series while the book club titles were still waiting to be read and dug into, so I didn’t. I don’t have any immediate plans, but some titles I’m hoping to (re)start are Sand Chronicle (print), Until Death Do Us Part (digital), House of Five Leaves (print), Dengeki Daisy (print), Wandering Son (print), Lumberjanes (print), Haikyuu!! (digital summer 2016), Kuroko no Basuke (digital summer 2016), Kimi ni Todoke (digital), The Woods (print), Princeless (digital), One Punch Man (digital), We Were There (print; I got all the way up to v13 and just stopped because cause no matter what happened in the final three volumes, my heart was going to break), and Bunny Drop (print).

◘ There are probably things I’m missing, but I need to get this out of my drafts.

◘ Oh! I just remembered that I have the CD of Shel Silverstein reading Where the Sidewalk Ends.

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