New Arrivals: YaoiCon 2015 Anthology

{Various} YaoiCon 2015 Anthology-01

{Various} YaoiCon 2015 Anthology-02

For once, shipping was reasonable on Akadot: $2.72. Was there an anthology in 2013? Although it looks better in black, I like the YaoiCon logo.

EDIT: I was asked to share the table of contents and some info about the anthology. I haven’t read it yet, most because it’s not digital, so I can say much about stories other than that I don’t believe I’m familiar with any of the writers. So here’s the crest, the table of contents and the page of the first 3 stories.

{Various} YaoiCon 2015 Anthology-03

{Various} YaoiCon 2015 Anthology-04

{Various} YaoiCon 2015 Anthology-05

{Various} YaoiCon 2015 Anthology-06

{Various} YaoiCon 2015 Anthology-07

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